Dragoon® Rifle Suppressors

In a market where heavy, welded, non-servicable suppressors are the norm, TiON’s Dragoon family of suppressors are machined from solid Titanium bar stock.* This eliminates any welds/failure points and creates extremely durable and light weight suppressors. All feature Total Breakdown Technology (TBT), allowing the user to remove, clean and service ALL components. Top rated sound reduction is achieved throughout caliber ranges creating a truly universal suppressor for your many caliber needs.
*Excluding the Dragoon .450B

Dragoon® Benefits

  • Total Breakdown Technology allows 100% of Parts to be disassembled for easy cleaning.

  • Extreme strength/durability derived from 100% Titanium Construction.

  • Field strip and assemble with standard tools.

  • Available in Black, FDE or Clear Gunmetal Ceracote finishes.


Click below for specific information about each TiON suppressor.

Dragoon 5.56mm

Rated from .22LR thru 22-250 caliber.

Dragoon 7.62mm CQB & 7.62mm

The Dragoon 7.62mm CQB is rated from .22LR thru .308/7.62 NATO.
The Dragoon 7.62mm is rated from .22LR thru .300 Wby Mag.

Dragoon .450 Bushmaster (.450B)

Rated from .45ACP, .40S&W, 9mm, .300 Whisper/Blackout & .458 SOCOM (subsonic). Full auto rated for .45ACP and 9mm.

Dragoon .338

Rated from .22LR thru .338 caliber.

NEW! Dragoon .350 QD

Optimized for Rifles & Pistols with Braces chambered in 9mm and .350 Legend.
Performs very well with .22LR and .300 Blackout, also.
Hearing safe on bolt action 5.56mm & .308Win rifles.

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