Dragoon® .350 QD Rifle Suppressor

TiON Inc. is proud to introduce the revolutionary Dragoon .350 QD suppressor utilizing Total Breakdown Technology (TBT) and our Gas Indexing Technology (GIT) [U.S. Patent 9,410,761]. GIT allows the rotational orientation of baffles in a given stack providing optimum sound reduction capabilities for the 9mm pistol caliber shot from a rifle. Top rated sound reduction is achieved in the primary .350 Legend and 9mm calibers and very good performance in .300 Blackout.

As a bonus the suppressor will achieve good hearing safe performance on .223/5.56mm and .308 Winchester bolt action rifles.

In a market where heavy, welded, non-serviceable designs are the norm; the Dragoon distinguishes itself with an all Titanium takedown design. The TiON design with TBT allows the user to remove, clean and service ALL Components.

Dragoon® Benefits

  • Total Breakdown Technology (TBT) allows 100% of Parts to be disassembled for easy cleaning.

  • Extreme strength/durability derived from 100% Titanium Construction.

  • Field strip and assemble with standard tools.

  • Available in Black, FDE or Clear Gunmetal Cerakote finishes.


  • Optimized for Rifles & Pistols with Braces chambered in 9mm and .350 Legend.

    Performs very well with .22LR and .300 Blackout, also.

    Hearing safe on bolt action 5.56mm & .308Win rifles.

  • Proprietary flash hider/QD mounts creates rock solid, fast and light weight (Titanium) lock-up.

  • Robust mounting system allows one handed installation or removal in 2 seconds.

  • QD mounts and flash hider/mounts are available in 13.5X1LHM, 1/2X28, 5/8X24 and 9/16X24 threads.


CaliberOptimized for Rifles & Pistols with Braces chambered in 9mm and .350 Legend.

Performs very well with .22LR and .300 Blackout, also.

Bonus, Hearing safe on bolt action 5.56mm & .308Win rifles.

Material6AL-4V Annealed Titanium
QD Spring – Stainless Compression Bushing – Brass
Length8.0 inches
Diameter1.375 inches
Weight12.2 ounces
Sound Pressure LevelMil-Std 1474D Test @ 1 meter
MSRPFDE Ceracote
Item No. D350F

Black Ceracote
Item No. D350B

Clear Gunmetal Ceracote
Item No. D350G

Dragoon .350 QD Test Results

CaliberBullet Wt.AmmunitionFirearmBarrel LengthMuzzle
Left Ear
.22LR40grCCI Standard VelocitySavage Mark II22”120dB121dB*
.350 Legend255grWinchester SubsonicRuger American16”133dB131dB
.350 Legend170grHornady American WhitetailRuger American16”137dB131dB
.350 Legend255grWinchester SubsonicRuger AR Pistol10”137dB134dB
.350 Legend170grHornady American WhitetailRuger AR Pistol10”143dB138dB
300 Blackout125grSig SauerRuger American16”136dB131dB
300 Blackout220grRemington SubsonicRuger American16”130dB127dB
300 Blackout200grS&B SubsonicDaniel Defense PDW7”133dB131dB
9mm147grWinchester Train & DefendB&T GHM96.75”131dB
9mm165grFreedom HushB&T GHM96.75”129dB
9mm147grWinchester Train & DefendRuger PC916”121dB
9mm165grFreedom HushRuger PC916”118dB
5.56mm55grFederal AE223Thompson Center22”139dB132dB
.308 Win175grFederal Gold Metal MatchSavage20”143dB134dB

*Firing pin masked actual noise


To learn more about Dragoon suppressors and our other products, download a PDF of the 2020 TiON Suppressor Catalog. Requires Adobe Reader.


To learn more about our new Dragoon .350 QD suppressor, download a PDF of the sell sheet. Requires Adobe Reader.

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