Dragoon® .350 QD Rifle Suppressor

TiON Inc. is proud to introduce the revolutionary Dragoon .350 QD suppressor utilizing Total Breakdown Technology (TBT) and our Gas Indexing Technology (GIT) [U.S. Patent 9,410,761]. GIT allows the rotational orientation of baffles in a given stack providing optimum sound reduction capabilities for the 9mm pistol caliber shot from a rifle. Top rated sound reduction is achieved in the primary .350 Legend and 9mm calibers and very good performance in .300 Blackout.

As a bonus the suppressor will achieve good hearing safe performance on .223/5.56mm and .308 Winchester bolt action rifles.

In a market where heavy, welded, non-serviceable designs are the norm; the Dragoon distinguishes itself with an all Titanium takedown design. The TiON design with TBT allows the user to remove, clean and service ALL Components.

Dragoon® Benefits

  • Total Breakdown Technology (TBT) allows 100% of Parts to be disassembled for easy cleaning.

  • Extreme strength/durability derived from 100% Titanium Construction.

  • Field strip and assemble with standard tools.

  • Available in Black, FDE or Clear Gunmetal Cerakote finishes.


  • Optimized for Rifles & Pistols with Braces chambered in 9mm and .350 Legend.

    Performs very well with .22LR and .300 Blackout, also.

    Hearing safe on bolt action 5.56mm & .308Win rifles.

  • Proprietary flash hider/QD mounts creates rock solid, fast and light weight (Titanium) lock-up.

  • Robust mounting system allows one handed installation or removal in 2 seconds.

  • QD mounts and flash hider/mounts are available in 13.5X1LHM, 1/2X28, 5/8X24 and 9/16X24 threads.


CaliberOptimized for Rifles & Pistols with Braces chambered in 9mm and .350 Legend.

Performs very well with .22LR and .300 Blackout, also.

Bonus, Hearing safe on bolt action 5.56mm & .308Win rifles.

Material6AL-4V Annealed Titanium
QD Spring – Stainless Compression Bushing – Brass
Length8.0 inches
Diameter1.375 inches
Weight12.2 ounces
Sound Pressure LevelMil-Std 1474D Test @ 1 meter
MSRPFDE Ceracote
Item No. D350F

Black Ceracote
Item No. D350B

Clear Gunmetal Ceracote
Item No. D350G
Additional Mounts$135.00 to $160.00

Dragoon .350 QD Test Results

CaliberBullet Wt.AmmunitionFirearmBarrel LengthMuzzle
Left Ear
.22LR40grCCI Standard VelocitySavage Mark II22”120dB121dB*
.350 Legend255grWinchester SubsonicRuger American16”133dB131dB
.350 Legend170grHornady American WhitetailRuger American16”137dB131dB
.350 Legend255grWinchester SubsonicRuger AR Pistol10”137dB134dB
.350 Legend170grHornady American WhitetailRuger AR Pistol10”143dB138dB
300 Blackout125grSig SauerRuger American16”136dB131dB
300 Blackout220grRemington SubsonicRuger American16”130dB127dB
300 Blackout200grS&B SubsonicDaniel Defense PDW7”133dB131dB
9mm147grWinchester Train & DefendB&T GHM96.75”131dB
9mm165grFreedom HushB&T GHM96.75”129dB
9mm147grWinchester Train & DefendRuger PC916”121dB
9mm165grFreedom HushRuger PC916”118dB
5.56mm55grFederal AE223Thompson Center22”139dB132dB
.308 Win175grFederal Gold Metal MatchSavage20”143dB134dB

*Firing pin masked actual noise


Dragoon .350 QD Mounts

13.5 x 1 LHM Flash HiderItem No. FH13$160.00
13.5 x 1 LHM Mount Item No. MT13$135.00
1/2 x 28 Flash HiderItem No. FH528$160.00
1/2 x 36 Flash HiderItem No. FH536$160.00
1/2 x 36 MountItem No. MT536$135.00

Note: MT5X28, FH58X24, FH58X24T, MT58X24, MT96X24 will also support the Dragoon .350 QD


To learn more about Dragoon suppressors and our other products, download a PDF of the 2020 TiON Suppressor Catalog. Requires Adobe Reader.


To learn more about our new Dragoon .350 QD suppressor, download a PDF of the sell sheet. Requires Adobe Reader.

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