Handgun &

Rifle Suppressors

from TiON



Rimfire Handgun

• Patented Gas Indexing Technology

• Superior Sound Reduction

• Lightweight Titanium Construction



Handgun Caliber

The Most Durable

.45 and 9mm Suppressor

in the Marketplace.



Rifle Suppressors

• Top-Rated Sound Reduction

* Except for .450 Bushmaster

• Machined from Solid Titanium Bar Stock*

• Fast One-Handed Installation or Removal


Welcome to TiON

In December 2012, the idea, belief, and dream became a reality as Freedom Armory Machine Works, a division of Freedom Armory, Inc. was formed. Since then, what many said was impossible has been accomplished. Facilities have been built and expanded, highly skilled machinists, designers and engineers have been hired, and top end CNC equipment and software was selected and integrated to create our proven, unique design. Our extensive prototyping and testing has resulted in the manufacturing of our revolutionary Minuteman, Grenadier and Dragoon family of suppressors.

On January 2, 2019, TiON Inc. was formed from the Freedom Armory Machine Works division of Freedom Armory Inc. Over time it became clear that the manufacturing activity must become its own entity with its own identity. While the name has changed, on this site you will see the same product and the same support by the same people but with new branding. The TiON Corporation looks forward to supporting our customers with the same gusto and enthusiasm as before, just with a new name.

Our Products

Minuteman Rimfire

TiON has revolutionized modern suppressor technology with the introduction of the Minuteman suppressors using our patented Gas Indexing Technology (GIT) [U.S. Patent 9,410,761].

Grenadier Handgun

Second in the family of revolutionary TiON suppressors that utilize Gas Indexing Technology (GIT), Grenadier is a balanced, lightweight and extremely robust 9mm and .45 caliber units.

Dragoon Rifle Suppressors

In a market where heavy, welded, non-servicable suppressors are the norm, TiON’s Dragoon family of suppressors are machined from solid Titanium bar stock (excluding Dragoon 450B) and feature Total Breakdown Technology (TBT).

TiON Suppressor Catalog

To learn more about TiON suppressors and our other products, download a PDF of the 2022 TiON Suppressor Catalog. Requires Adobe Reader.

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Introduction to TiON’s Titanium Suppressors