Dragoon® .450 Bushmaster Rifle Suppressor

The Dragoon.450B is a Direct Attach (DA) model that utilizes both Total Breakdown Technology (TBT) and Gas Indexing Technology (GIT) baffle design.* GIT allows rotational orientation of baffles to provide optimum sound reduction capabilities for the .45 ACP, 10mm, .40SW and 9mm pistol calibers shot from a rifle.
The .450B comes standard with a 11/16 X 24 mount. Five optional mounts are available including 5/8 x 32, ½ x 28, ½ x 36, 5/8 x 24 and .578 x 28. Top-rated sound reduction is achieved in the primary .450B, 45-70 Govt and .458 SOCOM calibers and secondary calibers of 9mm and .300 Blk. .308 is hearing safe at the ear.
*[U.S. Patent 9,410,761]

Dragoon® Benefits

  • TBT allows 100% of parts to be disassembled for easy cleaning and servicing.
  • GIT allows rotational orientation of baffles to provide optimum sound reducing capabilities for the .45 ACP, .40SW and 9mm pistol calibers shot from a rifle.
  • Extreme strength/durability derived from 100% Titanium construction.
  • Field strip and assemble with standard tools.
  • Available in Black, FDE or Clear Gunmetal Cerakote finishes.

Dragoon® Features

  • Patented GIT baffles are configurable by operator. (For pistol calibers only).
  • Rated for a long list of Bolt Action calibers .22LR thru .450B caliber.
  • Breakthrough dB Reduction in .450B, .458 SOCOM and 9mm Luger.
  • Interchangeable direct thread barrel mounts can be tightened/removed with standard sockets.

Dragoon .450 B (Direct Attach) Specifications

Item # / Finish / MSRP
D450BB Black Cerakote $1,210.00
D450BF FDE Cerakote $1,210.00
D450BG Clear Gunmetal Cerakote $1,210.00

.22LR (Full Auto)
All Rimfire
All Centerfire Rifles chambered in Pistol .45 diameter or smaller (Full Auto for 9mm and 45ACP)
.300 Black Out (Subsonic & Supersonic)
.308 Win bolt action
.450 Bushmaster bolt action & Semiautomatic
.458 SOCOM bolt action
45-70 Govt

6AL-4V Annealed Titanium
GR9 TI Tube

Lngth. 10.375″
Dia. 1.375″
Wt. 11.8-12.0 oz.*
*Depending on the mount used

Dragoon .450 B Test Results

Mil-Std 1474D Test @ 1 Meter

CaliberBullet Wt.AmmunitionBarrel LengthSound Pressure
9mm147grFMJ Armscor16”121dB
.300 Blk Subsonic220grSig Sauer16″124dB
.300 Blk Supersonic120grSig Sauer16″134dB
.308 Win175grFederal Gold Metal20″141dB
.308 Win175grFederal Gold Metal20″135dB (Heard @ ear)
.350 Legend180grFederal16″139 dB
.350 Legend180grFederal16″136dB (Heard @ ear)
.458 SOCOM Subsonic500grBarnes16″133 dB
.458 SOCOM Supersonic250grBarnes TSX16″139 dB
.450 Bushmaster250grHornady FTX16″138dB
.450 Bushmaster250grHornady FTX16″136dB (Bolt gun) (Heard @ ear)

FDE Cerakote

Black Cerakote

Clear Gunmetal Cerakote

Dragoon .450 B Mounts

Part #SizePrice
AD4111611/16 x 24 Mount$150.00
AD458325/8 x 32 Mount$150.00
AD458245/8 x 24 Mount$150.00
AD45281/2 x 28 Mount$150.00
AD45361/2 x 36 Mount$150.00
AD4557.578 x 28 Mount$150.00

(Suppressor accessory photos are typical representations of accessory designs and are not shown to scale)

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