Suppressor Testing

TiON follows stringent testing standards and procedures outlined in Alan C. Paulson’s book Silencer: History and Performance, Volume 1: Sporting and Tactical Silencers, Chapter 5.

This protocol positions the measuring meter 1.0m to the left of muzzle 90 degrees to the bore axis. Testing height is 1.6m above a non-reflective surface with no reflecting surfaces positioned near by. 10 rounds are fired and averaged to determine performance. Atmospheric conditions are recorded each time.

Equipment Used:

  • B&K 2209 meter
  • B&K type 4136 ¼” microphone
  • B&K type 4220 pistonphone

Many factors can impact the performance of a suppressor including (partial list):

Major Impacts:

  • Host weapon
  • Barrel length
  • Ammunition

Minor Impacts:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Local atmospheric pressure
  • Wind direction & velocity

TiON’s Suppressor Testing Standards

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