Grenadier® .45 Handgun Caliber Suppressors

Second in TION’s family of revolutionary suppressors is our Grenadier handgun suppressor. Like Minuteman it uses our patented Gas Indexing Technology (GIT) [U.S. Patent 9,410,761]. GIT allows the rotational orientation of baffles as one relates to the next in a given stack to take advantage of differences in pressures between handguns and rifles. This provides optimum sound reduction on a host of different firearms as you re-configure stacks when transferring the suppressor between a handgun and a rifle. All Grenadier models come with mount of your choice. See Grenadier Piston and Mount Kits for available options.

Grenadier® Benefits

  • TBT allows 100% of parts to be disassembled for easy cleaning and servicing.
  • Extreme strength/durability derived from 100% Titanium construction.
  • Field strip and assemble with standard tools.
  • Available in Black, FDE or Natural Polished Titanium finishes.

Grenadier® Features

  • Rated from .45ACP, 10mm, .40S&W, 9mm, .300 Whisper/Blackout (Subsonic & Supersonic) & .458 SOCOM (subsonic). Full auto rated for .45ACP and 9mm.
  • 1.375” diameter.
  • The most durable .45 and 9mm suppressors in the marketplace.

Grenadier .45 Specifications

Item # / Finish / MSRP
G45B Black Cerakote $1,150.00
G45F FDE Cerakote $1,150.00
G45N Polished Titanium $1,200.00

.45ACP (Full Auto Rated)
9mm (Full Auto Rated)
.300 Blackout/Whisper
.458 SOCOM (Subsonic)

6AL-4V Annealed Titanium
GR9 TI – Tube
Stainless – Spring

Available Pistons
Rifle/MG Spacer

Lngth. 8.5″
Dia. 1.375″
Wt. 11.4 oz.

Grenadier .45 Test Results

Mil-Std 1474D Test @ 1 Meter

CaliberBullet Wt.AmmunitionBarrel LengthSound Pressure
.22LR40grCCI Standard Velocity5.5”126dB
.22LR40grCCI Standard Velocity22″120dB
9mm147grWin. Train & Defend5.5″133dB
9mm147grWin. Train & Defend16″125dB
.45ACP230grAmerican Eagle5.5″131dB
.300 Blkout.200grS&B16.12″130dB
.300 Blkout.150grWin. Deer Season XP16.12″142dB

FDE Cerakote

Black Cerakote

Polished Titanium

Grenadier Titanium Piston & Mount Kits

Part #SizePrice
AGT528.5 x 28 Titanium Piston$115.00
AGT536.5 x 36 Titanium Piston$115.00
AGT578.578 x 28 Titanium Piston$115.00
AGT1313.5 x 1 Titanium Piston; Left Hand Mount$115.00
AGT1414.5 x 1 Titanium Piston; Left Hand Mount$115.00
AGT9169/16 x 24 Titanium Piston$115.00
AGT16L16 x 1 Titanium Piston; Left Hand Mount$115.00
AGT16R16 x 1 Titanium Piston; Right Hand Mount$115.00
AGT625.625 x 32 Titanium Piston$115.00
AGT585/8 x 24 Titanium Piston $115.00
AGTSPACERFixed Mount MG Rifle Spacer$75.00
3LKB3 Lug Mount Kit for H&K (Black)$290.00

(Suppressor accessory photos are typical representations of accessory designs and are not shown to scale)

Grenadier Assembly, Disassembly & Maintenance

Grenadier 3 Lug Mount Retrofit Kit

The 3 lug mount is a 3 piece set of Titanium parts that can be retrofitted to all the Grenadier suppressors.

TiON Suppressor Catalog

To learn more about Grenadier suppressors and our other products, download a PDF of the 2022 TiON Suppressor Catalog. Requires Adobe Reader.

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