Grenadier 9mm

Grenadier .45

Grenadier® Handgun Suppressors

Second in TION’s family of revolutionary suppressors is our Grenadier handgun suppressor. Like Minuteman it uses our patented Gas Indexing Technology (GIT) [U.S. Patent 9,410,761]. GIT allows the rotational orientation of baffles as one relates to the next in a given stack to take advantage of differences in pressures between handguns and rifles. This provides optimum sound reduction on a host of different firearms as you re-configure stacks when transferring the suppressor between a handgun and a rifle. All Grenadier models come with mount of your choice.  Available in three models: Grenadier 9mm, Grenadier 9mm CQB and Grenadier .45.

Grenadier® Benefits

  • Total Breakdown Technology allows 100% of Parts to be disassembled for easy cleaning.

  • Extreme strength/durability derived from 100% Titanium Construction.

  • Field strip and assemble with standard tools.

  • Available in Black, FDE or Clear Gunmetal Cerakote finishes.

Which Handgun Suppressor is Right for You?

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Grenadier 9mm & Grenadier 9mm CQB

Rated from 9mm to .300 Whisper Blackout. Full auto rated for 9mm.

Grenadier .45

Rated from .45ACP, 10mm, .40S&W, 9mm, .300 Whisper/Blackout & .458 SOCOM (subsonic). Full auto rated for .45ACP and 9mm.

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